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  • Browse through our expansive selection of puncture-proof, pneumatic and skid-steer tyres for sale. With over a decade of experience, we’re greatly versed in supplying the most up to date, premium quality tyres to the Australian earthmoving industry.

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    With over 10 years of field testing and continuous development, our puncture-proof solid tyres integrate the strength and stability of a solid rubber while also incorporating the smooth, cushioned ride of a pneumatic tyre.

    With the challenging road conditions these tyres will be exposed to, only the most resistant manufacturing design and materials were used in our process. The tyres we carry offer reliability and value that is hard to find anywhere else.

    The design incorporates both large and small aperture holes of which are strategically engineered and positioned to elicit a soft ride and also able to carry heavy loads without the worry of the tyre collapsing.

    With our tyres, your heavy equipment will be back to conquering tough tasks. By choosing to purchase TuffTyres, get the peace of mind that it will be a while until the need to replace comes up again.

  • TUFFTYRES Puncture Proof Tyres

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    • Innovation

      Gator’s are the undisputed leader in solid tyre technology, leaving every other type of skid steer tyre dead in the water! With over 10 years of rugged field testing, they are COMPLETELY PUNCTURE PROOF, allowing you to drive where you want, how you want and when you want.

    • Versatility

      Never again will you fall prey to sharp objects that constantly leave your pneumatic tyres flat and out of action. These tyres will allow you to drive on any terrain with no worries about what is on the ground.

    • Durability

      Constructed from triple-layered premium rubber that is soft on the inside and ultra-tough on the outside. These Gators are manufactured with additional weight which provides increased stability and reduced bouncing. So you can lift with more control and confidence than ever before.

    • Longevity

      With up to 3500hrs of trouble-free wear-life, they cost less than half the operating cost of pneumatics. Gator solid tyres are the most cost effective investment you could ever make on your machine. Up to 70% less cost than pneumatic.

    • Value of Puncture Proof

      The TUFFTYRE flat-proof solid skid steer tyre is the ultimate compliment for working in or around scrapyards, mining and demolition sites where tyre punctures are a common occurrence. By investing in a puncture-resistant solid skid steer TUFFTYRE, you’re optimising value when compared to dealing with production and equipment cost of replacing a flat tyre.

    • Client Satisfaction

      At TUFFSTUFF, we are building a legacy in providing the highest quality tyre components and servicing solutions within the earthmoving industry. Our company is dedicated to meeting expectations with a very strong focus on client satisfaction. We recognise the unique and diverse needs of tyres for different earthmoving jobs and ensure your requirements are fulfilled in an efficient and fluid manner.

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