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    Browse through our expansive selection of puncture-proof, pneumatic and skid-steer tyres for sale. With over a decade of experience, we’re greatly versed in supplying the most up to date, premium quality tyres to the Australian earthmoving industry.

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    With over 10 years of field testing and continuous development, our puncture-proof solid tyres integrate the strength and stability of a solid rubber while also incorporating the smooth, cushioned ride of a pneumatic tyre.

    With the challenging road conditions these earthmoving tyres will be exposed to, only the most resistant manufacturing design and materials were used in our process. The tyres we carry offer reliability and value that is hard to find anywhere else.

    The design incorporates both large and small aperture holes of which are strategically engineered and positioned to elicit a soft ride and also able to carry heavy loads without the worry of the tyre collapsing.

    With our tyres, your heavy equipment will be back to conquering tough tasks. By choosing to purchase TuffTyres, get the peace of mind that it will be a while until the need to replace comes up again.

    If you have any questions about our TuffTyres, call our sales and technical hotline. If you want to order our TuffTyres, we can ship it anywhere in Australia, especially in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hallam and Arndell Park. Our swift delivery process ensures that your need for a tough tyre will be addressed quickly.


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