Rubber Tracks

  • In an ever-changing landscape, TUFFSTUFF delivers the cutting edge. Excavator rubber tracks for sale are built to last on the field. Boasting years of experience in rubber track development, when it comes to our products, it is an eagle-eyed focus on quality and reliability.

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    Our TUFFTRAC products are designed to combat the harshest conditions and improve the efficiency of earthmoving work. Rubber tracks for sale at TUFFSTUFF recognise the importance of productivity. This is why our highly experienced expert technical team are committed to supplying the correct rubber track fitting, to ensure maximum wear-life and minimal down-time.

    The products we have are all available for shipping within Australia. Our excavator rubber tracks for sale will give clients peace of mind. Built to stand the challenging working conditions heavy equipment are subjected to, each square centimetre of our rubber tracks is reinforced to plough through the toughest terrain.

    Get a quick quote online (below) or contact us today for premium, reliable and quality rubber track products.

  • TUFFTRAC Rubber Track

    The powerful traction of Tufftrac excavator rubber tracks drive this excavator over rough terrain. Earthmoving, demolition, construction and land scaping applications are all handled with ease.

    rubber tracks for excavators used in demolition, construction, and land grading applications

    • Stronger

      No joins and no weak spots. Heavy duty, high tensile continuously wound steel cables, for maximum strength and minimum downtime.

      We’re readily available to provide a quote and pricing on our broad range of rubber track products.

    • Safer

      TUFFTRAC tread patterns are designed to maximise traction whilst minimising operating surface damage and vibration without compromising on durability.

    • Smoother Running

      Closely Spaced Short Pitch core bars – coupled with offset vibration reducing track patterns reduce wear and tear on you and your machine.

    • Lasts Longer

      High tech natural rubber compound – containing a minimum of 75% natural rubber, the TUFFTRAC rubber compound is simply superior. Natural rubber is more dense and flexible than the cheaper and more commonly used synthetic and recycled alternatives, increasing wear-life.