• Customer Profile: Peter Dowling

    First in our new video series featuring Tuff Stuff customers. This one is about Peter, Co-Founder of Dowling Dirtworks. He’s a great bloke, we can vouch for him! Hear what he has to say about the industry, about business and about life in general.


    Rubber Track Fitting Challenge

    August 2016, the staff at Tuff Stuff were given a challenge — you tell your customers how to do it every day, now prove how good you really are! The challenge? Remove and re-fit a rubber track to a 1.7 tonne Yanmar mini excavator in the shortest time possible. Results are in…


    Rubber Pads

    TUFFPAD lets you fit rubber to your excavator’s steel tracks. They provide extreme wear resistance and excellent traction on any paved surface enabling your excavation machine to work almost anywhere, dirt, mud, paved or concrete.


    AVRT Rubber Track

    TUFFTRAC Anti Vibration Rubber Track features patented diamond shaped overlapping lugs that provide a continuous roller running-way that reduces tracking vibration by up to 50% and results in less wear on undercarriage and a significant reduction in driver fatigue.

  • Case Study: Dowling Dirtworks

    What happens when your 13 tonne excavator breaks a track on a Saturday night? For most contractors the pressing concern is to get your machine back up and running as quickly as possible.


    How to Fit Your New Rubber Tracks

    You’ve made an investment in new rubber tracks, now get the lowdown on how to fit your rubber tracks correctly to ensure maximum lifespan and zero damage to your machine or rubber tracks.


    Rubber Tracks

    When it comes to rubber tracks, TUFFTRAC Rubber Tracks are the king of the Australian work site. Made to our strict specifications, they contain more than 75% natural rubber for maximum strength, increased wear life and superior traction.

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