TuffStuff offers premium after-market Kubota branded products such as rubber tracks, rubber pads and undercarriage parts. Every Kubota product that we offer meets our strict quality control standards. We always want to ensure that our customers experience the best when it comes to using our Kubota branded products.

We acknowledge the fact that contractors and heavy machinery operators always want to maintain the value and functionality of their heavy equipment. Our best-valued Kubota products are made to greatly prolong the life of these heavy machines by preventative maintenance and durability. We guarantee that our Kubota products are reliable, high-quality and strong.

When ordering our products, we do our best to ensure that every customer experiences prompt delivery. Our technical support and after sales service always welcome enquiries to guide every customer in selecting what product best suits their specifications.

Our heavy-duty Kubota products include:
Rubber Tracks
Available in lengths ranging from 180mm to 400mm, our Tufftrac Rubber Tracks are made with an optimal blend of virgin natural and synthetic rubbers for maximum wear resistance. Composed of high tensile steel core with forged drive links, Tufftrac is one of the strongest types of rubber track in all of Australia.
Rubber Pads
Our exceptionally wear-resistant rubber pads grant outstanding traction on any paved surfaces which enables heavy machinery to execute tasks almost anywhere. Our rubber pads are available in three types namely: bolt-on, clip-on and chain-on. All these types notably minimises maintenance cost since they are all replaceable.
Undercarriage Parts
All our Kubota branded idlers, sprockets, top rollers and track components are made of strong material and manufactured precisely to fit most machines from all major manufacturers. All our products for use in undercarriages can handle reclamation work, mining and quarrying.

All these Kubota products can be delivered to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hallam, Arndell Park and the rest of Australia! By ordering our products, we get the tough parts done for you!