TUFF SuperSeal Track Chains

TUFF® SuperSeal® Track Chains

Squeaking chains after 1000 hours? Sprockets jumping after 2000 hours? Chains seizing, pitch stretching or shoes coming loose?

Does any of this sound familiar?

After 6 years of testing and development in some of the most vicious and aggressive conditions including forestry and demolition, wet and dry; Tuff Stuff has released a unique and patented design development for track chains.

TUFF SuperSeal: Innovative technology in undercarriage design

Enter the Super Seal!! Designed to meet the root cause of the above problems head-on, this unique seal design is tested and proven to retain grease and resist moisture, therefore minimising internal chain wear.

This long-overdue breakthrough is now in stock and ready to go.

Try this for an impressive list of benefits:

  • 50% longer lubrication in the joints – quieter and less internal wear
  • 25% longer chain life – better value and reduced running costs
  • 50% quieter throughout the life of the chain – less complaints
  • 5% less load on the drive motors – reduce fuel and drive component wear

TUFF® Superseal® Chains are available exclusively from Tuff Stuff Australia. Currently in stock Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane, to suit common excavator makes and models from 13 to 25 tonne.

Contact us today for more information.

TUFF SuperSeal: In stock to suit most 13-25 tonne excavators