Excavator Rubber Pads

  • Rubber Track Pads

    At TUFFSTUFF we source and supply quality and wear resistant excavator rubber pads to cater to all earthmoving jobs. These rubber track pads feature the most versatile designs, moulded exclusively from top quality materials.

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    Our TUFFPADS are available and to suit a variety of machines including excavators, dozers, drilling machines, profiling and paving machines. Whether it be bolt on or clip on rubber pads, we offer a broad variety for all your needs. Our rubber pad technology pairs flexibility with genuine strength to reduce wear and tear and optimise longevity.

    The rubber pads we manufacture or sell are all built from premium materials. In terms of durability and quality, no cost is spared. Our aim with our product selection is to give clients only with the best value: the right balance of price and quality. While there are cheaper alternatives, the manufacturing quality and the reliability of our excavator track pads far outweigh the cost.

    Rubber Track Pads for Excavators

    At TUFFSTUFF we guarantee the highest quality products and servicing in the market. With over a decade in the industry, our experience combined with our dedication to client satisfaction ensures we meet expectations for all earthmoving jobs.

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    Clip On Rubber Track Pads

    • Expertise & Assistance

      We boast an experienced support team of technical experts to help supply our fitted pads, to ensure maximum wear-life and minimal work down-time.

      Our TUFFPADS are easily installed and come with a 12 Month Pro-Rata Warranty backed up with the best technical support specialists in Australia.

    • Range

      The most popular style. These pads bolt to existing steel grouser plates that have been pre-drilled. Manufactured in state of the art ISO9001 certified facilities to the highest level of specification.

    • Diversity

      TUFFPAD heavy duty rubber pads allow you to retain your existing, durable steel tracks for rough terrain, whilst allowing easy conversion to rubber when working on paved or easily damaged surfaces without having to remove your tracks.

    • Productivity

      All TUFFPADS are manufactured using a high quality rubber compound; providing greater wear-life, crack and cut resistance, reduced noise and increased traction ultimately prolonging down time.