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  • TuffTrac

    Rubber Track Yanmar C50R 500mm

    • Part #
    • TS-YAN-RU-0016723

    Tufftrac CTL Rubber Tracks are designed for the serious contractor who is looking for the longest lasting and best performing after-market rubber track.

    The Compact Track Loader is a high speed, high impact machine imposing huge strains on both undercarriage and tracks.

    TheTufftrac CTL Rubber Tracks are the result of years of detailed testing, design and development in order to create a track purpose designed for this Tuff applicaton.

    Tufftrac rubber tracks offer you the following benefits;

    • Stronger – high tensile steel core with forged drive links, we take no short-cuts with quality.
    • Longer Lasting – optimal blend of virgin natural and synthetic rubbers for maximum wear resistance.
    • Guaranteed Fit – if we supply the incorrect track for themodel supplied, we will fix it fast….and credit you your freight.
    • Peace-of-mind – 10 day money back guarantee and full replacement warranty (not pro-rated)

    Order your Tufftrac rubber track now and the tough parts done!!

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